Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just the word retreat makes me feel calmer! Just roll it around in your mouth and see how it sounds... I am lucky enough to escape real life pretty regularly with a group of crafty friends, a full weekend, friday lunchtime till sunday afternoon, with nothing to do but knit, spin, eat, drink and chat! Each time I come back feeling relaxed and ready to eat the delicious sunday roast hubby always cooks. Anyway, this mini update is to clear the decks before a whole weekend of craftiness, I'm hoping to achieve great things to show you when I get back!!

Postage $5

Express Postage $7.70


16 Micron Tassie Lambswool 80 g

Approx 108 mts 11 WPI (about 8 ply)
$20 plus postage


Polwarth 100g
Approx 144mts 12 WPI (about 5-8 ply)
$20 plus postage

Merino Silk blend 100g
Approx 133 mt 14WPI (about 5 ply)
$20 plus postage

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